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Keto Cashew Yogurt Sundae

This is one of the best breakfasts to make when you have guests coming over and you want to keep it healthy.

Ingredients for the Keto Cashew Yogurt

•    1½ cup of boiling water

•    ½ cup raw cashews

•    1 tbs erythritol

•    1 tbsp lemon juice


•    Put cashews in a heat safe bowl.

•    Boil water, and slowly pour over cashew.

•    Add the erythritol and lemon juice to the bowl, stir until the erythritol is well dissolved.

•    Make sure your blender can handle hot liquids and carefully put everything in a blender.

•    Blend until the cashews are nice and smooth, and the mixture has thickened.

•    Let the mixture cool for about ten-fifteen minutes, then chill it in the fridge for about a few hours.

•    Serve.

Nutrition facts of the Keto Cashew Yogurt: