Low carb diet menu

    Coconut Butter Cups

    Seriously decadent sweet goodness.


    •    tbsp + 4 tsp of coconut oil

    •    2 tbsp of erythritol

    •    tbsp of cocoa powder

    •    2 tbsp of coconut butter

    •    1 pinch of salt


    •    Mix 4 tbsp coconut oil, the erythritol, and the cocoa powder in a bowl until smooth.

    •    Add salt and stir to evenly distribute.

    •    Coat 4 cups of a silicone cupcake mold with coconut butter (1/2 tbsp per cup).

    •    Pour 2/3 of the cocoa mixture into the cupcake molds, dividing evenly among the four cups. Be sure to tilt and turn the mold until each cup is entirely coated.

    •    Freeze for 5 minutes.

    •    When the bottom layer has hardened completely, pour a tsp of coconut oil in each mold.

    •    Place it in the freezer for a few more minutes.

    •    Take the leftover cocoa mixture and cover the solidified coconut oil.

    •    Freeze again for 5 minutes.

    •    Pop from molds to serve.