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Jackfruit and Cauliflower Taco Bowls

This recipe is simple and easy to make and the taste is quite delectable too.


•    1 package(12 oz) of cauliflower rice

•    1 can of young jackfruit in water (drained WT = 9.8 oz)

•    1 cup of frozen kale

•    1 tbsp of taco seasoning

•    1 tbsp olive oil

•    Garlic and onion powder to taste

•    (optional) Cheese and guacamole for serving


•    Drain the water from the can of jackfruit. Chop the jackfruit into small pieces.

•    Add all the ingredients except the vegan cheese and guacamole to a sauté pan. Sauté it until the cauliflower has turned tender.

•    Serve it with guacamole and/or vegan cheese if desired.