Healthy diet menu

The Quick Scramble

This is one for quick meal planners and early birds.


●    6 whisked eggs

●    1 cup of spinach

●    8 bella mushrooms (baby)

●    4 slices of deli ham

●    ½ cup of red bell peppers

●    1 tbsp of coconut oil

●    Salt and pepper

●    ½ tbsp. butter


●    Thoroughly chop vegetables and ham.

●    Melt ½ tbsp of butter in frying pan.

●    Sauté the vegetables and ham.

●    Heat ½ tbsp butter over medium heat in a separate frying pan, and then add the whisked eggs.

●    Stir continuously.

●    Season eggs with salt and pepper.

●    Add the sautéed vegetables and ham to the eggs and mix.