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    Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    For the sandwich lovers out there, this surely is a great way to have breakfast. Easy to make, it is a great recipe which surely fills the appetite.


    •    2 large eggs

    •    1 ½ tbsp psyllium husk powder

    •    2 tbsp soft butter

    •    2 tbsp almond flour

    •    ½ tsp baking powder

    •    Several slices of your choice of cheese

    •    An additional 1 tbsp of butter


    •    Put 2 tbsp of butter in a bowl, and let it come to room temperature. When it has turned soft, add 2 tbsp of almond flour and again 1 ½ tbsp of psyllium husk to it.

    •    Also add ½ tsp of baking powder. Mix everything well until you get a thick dough.

    •    Now add 2 large eggs and mix well. 

    •    Now, microwave the dough for about 100 seconds.

    •    Now, let it settle and then tap at the bottom. Cut it into two halves.

    •    Measure the amount of cheese you need and then stick it in between the two dough halves, which serve as your sandwich buns.

    •    Add the additional 1 tbsp of butter to a pan. Put the pan on medium heat. When the pan has turned hot, add the dough with cheese, and then cook on both sides.

    •    Serve it with a side salad.