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Cucumber Boats

This is an exciting and fun recipe, with a presentation suitable for entertaining.


●    1 small cucumber cut in half lengthwise and seeds removed

●    4 slices of turkey bacon, cooked until crispy, then crumbled

●    One 6” whole wheat tortilla; low carb

●    3 oz of softened whipped cream cheese

●    1 slice of smoked deli turkey, finely diced 

●    1 tbsp of mayonnaise

●    1 tbsp of grated parmesan cheese

●    ¼ tsp of dried basil

●    1 tbsp of diced pimiento pepper


●    Mix cream cheese, dried basil, diced turkey, mayonnaise, parmesan, bacon and pimientos in a medium bowl.

●    Using a spoon, hollow out the cucumber halves.

●    Spoon the mixture into the cucumber halves.

●    Cut the edges off the tortilla to make it square.

●    Slice the square in half diagonally, making two triangles. 

●    Place each cucumber half in the center of a triangle, and wrap tortilla around cucumber.

●    While holding a tortilla triangle wrapped around a cucumber, push a wooden skewer in one side and out the other, forming a ‘boat.’

●    Place on serving tray.