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Low Carb Noodles with Curry Sauce

If you are a noodle kind of person, this recipe is likely to suit you just fine.


For the noodle bowl

•    One 0.5 oz. package of Kanten noodles of your choice

•    2 handfuls of mixed greens

•    2 julienned carrots

•    1 diced red bell pepper

•    ½ head of roughly chopped cauliflower

•    A handful of chopped fresh cilantro

For the creamy curry sauce

•    2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar

•    ½ cup of tahini

•    ¼ cup of water

•    2 tsp of curry powder

•    2 tbsp of avocado oil

•    1 tsp of ground turmeric

•    1½ tsp of ground coriander

•    ¼ tsp of ground ginger

•    1 tsp of ground cumin

•    1 tsp of salt

•    ½ tsp of ground black pepper


•    Prepare the noodles by placing the two sheets of the noodles in the large bowl.

•    Heat up 2 cups of water, and remove from heat just before it begins to boil.  Add to the bowl of noodles.

•    Let noodles sit for 5 minutes.  Strain, and let cool in a large bowl.

•    Once the noodles have cooled, add cauliflower, cilantro, carrots, and bell pepper to the large bowl.

•    Add all of the curry sauce ingredients to a blender, and blend until smooth.

•    Pour the blended curry sauce over the vegetable and noodle mixture and toss it thoroughly to coat.

•    Place the mixed greens on a serving plate.  Top with the noodles, vegetables, and curry sauce mixture.

•    Serve.