Low carb diet

Salmon Keto Macaroni

(Total Time: 20 MIN| Serves: 4)

8oz salmon steak, thinly sliced
2 cups cauliflower, chopped
1 onion, finely chopped
1 cup heavy cream
1 cup cottage cheese
3 cups chicken stock
1 cup fresh celery, finely chopped
3 tbsp almond flour
3 tbsp butter

2 tsp salt
½ tsp black pepper, freshly ground


  1. Rinse well the steaks and pat-dry with a kitchen towel. Place on a large cutting board and cut into bite-sized pieces.
  2. Plug in the instant pot and pour in the chicken stock. Add cauliflower and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Make a layer of thinly sliced salmon and seal the lid. Set the steam release handle to the ‘’sealing’’ position and press the ‘’Manual’’ button. Set the timer for 5 minutes on high pressure.
  3. When done, perform a quick release and open the pot. Remove the salmon and cauliflower and set aside.
  4. Press the ‘’Sauté’’ button and grease the inner pot with butter. Add onions and cook for 2-3 minutes. Now add cottage cheese and heavy cream. Stir in celery and almond flour.
  5. Briefly cook, for 3-4 minutes, stirring constantly.
  6. Remove from the pot and serve with salmon macaroni.
    Per Serving(Calories 351| Total Fats 25.7g | Net Carbs: 7.4g | Protein: 21.8g |Fiber: 2.4g)