Pressure Cooked Pastrami

(Total Time: 60 MIN| Serves: 4)

2 pounds Corned Beef
1 tsp Paprika
½ tbsp. Onion Powder
½ tbsp. Sweetener
1 ½ tbsp. Pepper
½ tsp ground Cloves
2 tbsp. Oil
½ tbsp. Garlic Powder
½ tbsp. Salt
2 cups Water


  1. Pour the water into the IP.
  2. Add the beef and close the lid.
  3. Cook on HIGH for 45 minutes.
  4. Let cool slightly until safe to handle.
  5. Combine the oil and spices and rub the mixture into the beef.
  6. Set your IP to SAUTE and add the meat.
  7. Cook until browned on all sides.
  8. Serve and enjoy!

Per Serving (Calories 450| Total Fats 20g | Net Carbs 1.5g | Protein 40g |Fiber: 0g)