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    Sweet Chicken Salad with Cheese

    (Total Time: 20 MIN| Serves: 4)

    1 large piece of chicken breast, whole
    2 cups arugula, torn
    ¼ cup cottage cheese
    4 cherry tomatoes
    4 tbsp butter
    2 tsp apple cider vinegar
    ½ cup soy sauce
    2 tbsp rice vinegar
    ¼ cup chicken stock

    1 tsp salt
    1 tbsp dried thyme


    1. Plug in the instant pot and set the trivet at the bottom of the stainless steel insert. Pour in 1 cup of water and place the meat on top.
    2. Seal the lid and set the steam release handle and press the ‘’Manual’’ button. Set the timer for 15 minutes.
    3. When done, perform a quick release and open the lid. Remove the meat from the pot along with the remaining liquid. Press the ‘’Sauté’’ button and grease the inner pot with butter. Heat up.
    4. Meanwhile, chop the chicken into bite-sized pieces and add to the pot. Pour in the soy sauce, rice vinegar, and chicken stock. Stir well and simmer for 10-12 minutes.
    5. When done, remove from the pot making sure to reserve the liquid.
    6. Place arugula in a deep bowl. Add tomato and cottage cheese and toss to combine. Sprinkle with salt and dried thyme. Sprinkle with apple cider vinegar.
    7. Top with the meat and drizzle with some of the reserved liquid.
      Per Serving (Calories 275 | Total Fats: 14.4g | Net Carbs: 6.3g | Protein: 27.2g |Fiber: 1.9g).