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Pork Steak in Mushroom Sauce

(Total Time: 30 MIN| Serves: 4)


4 pork steaks (about 8oz each)

1 cup button mushrooms, sliced

¼ cup apple cider vinegar

3 tbsp butter

2 cups heavy cream

¼ cup cottage cheese

¼ cup crumbled feta cheese

3 tbsp Parmesan, grated

4 cups beef broth

1 small onion, roughly chopped

1 celery stalk, chopped

½ cup celery leaves, whole


2 tsp salt

1 tbsp peppercorn

2 bay leaves

1 thyme sprig, fresh


Rinse the meat under cold running water and place at the bottom of the instant pot. Pour in the broth and apple cider. Add salt, peppercorn, by leaves, thyme sprig, onion, celery stalk, and celery leaves. Seal the lid and set the steam release handle.
Press the ‘’Meat’’ button and cook for 15 minutes.
When done, perform a quick pressure release and open the lid. Remove the meat along with the broth from the pot and set aisde.
Now press the ‘’Saute’’ button and grease the inner pot with butter. Add pre-cooked onions from the broth and give it a good stir. Season with salt and add mushrooms.
Cook for 5-6 minutes and then add the cheese and heavy cream. Give it a good stir and remove from the pot.
Drizzle over the meat and serve.
Per Serving (Calories 721 | Total Fats: 44g | Net Carbs: 5.6g | Protein: 71.8g |Fiber: 0.6g)