Fat smash diet

Rabbit Cabbage Stew

(Total Time: 55 MIN| Serves: 4)


1 whole rabbit, cleaned

1 cup cabbage, shredded

4 cups beef broth

3 tbsp. butter


1 tsp salt

½ tsp freshly ground white pepper

1 tsp cayenne pepper


Plug in your instant pot and combine all the ingredients in the stainless steel insert. Season with spices and stir until all well combined. Set the steam release handle and press “Manual” button. Set the timer for 35 minutes.
When done, perform a quick release. Optionally, transfer the goulash to a deep heavy-bottomed pot and simmer over a medium heat until the excess liquid evaporates.
Serve warm.

Per Serving (Calories 543 | Total Fats 24.3g | Net Carbs: 1.8g | Protein 74g |Fiber: 0.6g)