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Chicken Zoodles

(Total Time: 40 MIN| Serves: 10)


1 chicken carcass

2 cups diced chicken breast

2 zucchini, spiralized

1 cup tomato passata

1 cup chicken broth

2 carrots, minced

2 carrots, chopped

3 celery stalks, minced

3 celery stalks, chopped

1 onion, minced

1 tomato, minced

Italian herbs



Put everything but the zoodles and chicken in your Instant Pot. Cover with water.
Seal and cook on Stew for 30 minutes.
Depressurize naturally.
Strain. Press so the cooked veg gets into the base broth.
Add the chicken breast and chopped carrot and celery.
Seal and cook on Stew 10 minutes.
Depressurize naturally.
Stir in the zoodles and put the lid on.
Leave for 5 minutes for the zoodles to cook in the heat of the broth.

Per Serving (Calories 280 | Total Fats 11g | Net Carbs: 7g | Protein 34g |Fiber: 5g)