Cheesy Meatball Soup

(Total Time: 5-10 MIN| Serves: 12)


1 lbs Lean Ground Beef

1 Egg

¼ cup LC Breading & Crusting Mix

1 tsp Salt

1 tsp Oregano

1 tbsp. Parsley (chopped)

½ tsp Garlic Powder

½ tsp Ground Black Pepper

For the stock

2 cups Beef Broth

½ medium Green Bell Pepper (diced)

½ medium Red Bell Pepper (diced)

1 stalk Celery (diced)

½ cup Red Onion (diced)

5 large Mushrooms (diced)

Cheese Sauce:

4 tbsp. Water

4 tbsp. Heavy Cream

4 tbsp. Butter

8 slices American Cheese


Place in a bowl the beef, egg, breading mixture, salt, oregano, parsley, garlic and pepper, and mix well to combine. Form into 2 inch balls and set aside.
Place in the Instant Pot the beef broth, green and red peppers, celery, onions and mushrooms, and stir to combine.
Place the meatballs in broth.
Place and lock the lid, and manually set the cooking time to 10 minutes.
When there is 3 minutes left on the timer, combine in a microwave safe bowl the water, cream, butter and American cheese.
Microwave the cheese sauce for 2-3 minutes until blended, stirring every 30 seconds.
Quick release the pressure and stir in the cheese sauce.
Serve warm.

(Calories: 419 | Total Fats: 32g | Net Carbs: 3.7g | Proteins: 27g |Fibers: 2g)