Sausage Bacon and Mushroom Chowder

(Total Time: 5-10 MIN| Serves: 14)


4 cups Chicken Broth

2 cups Heavy Cream

2 cups Mushrooms (sliced)

2 cups Ground Sausage (cooked)

6 rashers Bacon (fried and crumbled)

1 cup Daikon Radish (diced)

½ cup Onion (diced)

½ cup Red Bell Pepper (diced)

½ cup Parmesan Cheese

1 tbsp. Dried Parsley Leaves

1 tsp Garlic Powder

1 tsp Salt

1 tsp Ground Black Pepper

½ tsp Thyme


Place all ingredients in the Instant Pot.
Place and lock the lid and manually set the cooking time to 5 minutes at high pressure.
When done quick release the pressure.
Serve warm.

(Calories: 316 | Total Fats: 33g | Net Carbs: 3g | Proteins: 14g |Fibers: 1g)