Blueberry Cupcakes

    Serving Yields: 12

    Nutritional Facts per Serving

    ● Net Carbs: 2.8 g

    ● Protein: 4.4g

    ● Total Fats: 11.4 g

    ● Calories: 138


    ● Melted butter (1 stick)

    ● Coconut flour (.5 cup)

    ● Granulated sweetener of choice (4 tbsp.)

    ● Baking powder (1 tsp.)

    ● Lemon juice (2 tbsp.)

    ● Vanilla (1 tsp.)

    ● Zest of a lemon (2 tbsp.)

    ● Eggs (8 medium)

    ● Fresh blueberries (1 cup)

    ● Also Needed: 12-cupcake holder and liners

    Preparation Method

    1. Set the oven temperature to 350° Fahrenheit
    2. Mix the melted butter, sweetener, coconut flour, baking powder, vanilla, lemon juice, and zest.
    3. Whisk the eggs, adding them in one at a time. Mix well.
    4. Taste the cupcake batter to ensure you have used enough sweetener and flavors to mask the subtle taste of coconut from the coconut flour.
    5. Portion the batter into the tins.
    6. Press in a few fresh blueberries in the batter of each cupcake.
    7. Pop into the oven to bake until golden brown or about 15 minutes.
    8. Cover with sugar-free cream cheese frosting. Vanilla or lemon flavor is perfect. Garnish with fresh blueberries and lemon zest.
    9. Note: Icing/frosting is additional and optional.