Peppermint & Chocolate Fat Bombs

Serving Yields: 6

Nutritional Facts per Serving

● Net Carbs: 1.1 g

● Total Fats: 21.1 g

● Protein: 0.4 g

● Calories: 188


● Melted coconut oil (4.5 oz.)

● Granulated sweetener – your choice (1 tbsp.)

● Unsweetened coconut (2 tbsp.)

● Peppermint essence (.25 tsp.)

Preparation Method

  1. Combine the coconut oil, sweetener, and peppermint essence.
  2. Pour about half of the bomb into six ice cube trays. Let them stay in the fridge for a white layer.
  3. Use the remainder of the mixture to blend in with the cocoa powder.
  4. Empty the chocolate mix on top of the trays.
  5. Place it back into the fridge until firm. Pop it out and eat.