SERVES 4

    PREP TIME: 5 minutes

    COOK TIME: 35 minutes

    There’s nothing quite like a one-pot meal. Not only is there less stress when cooking and less cleanup, but the flavors meld all up in each other’s business, making the dish scrumptious without all the hassle. Don’t have kale? You could use any kind of greens in its place—spinach, bok choy, mustard greens, or whatever you can find. If the idea of making a batch of homemade dressing has you stressed, use whatever creamy dressing you have on hand.

    3 tablespoons coconut oil, avocado oil, or ghee

    1 teaspoon paprika

    ½ teaspoon finely ground sea salt

    ¼ teaspoon ground black pepper

    1 pound (455 g) boneless pork chops (about 1 in/2.5 cm thick)

    1 small yellow onion, sliced

    6 cloves garlic, minced

    4 cups (240 g) destemmed kale leaves

    ⅓ cup (80 ml) creamy Italian dressing or other creamy salad dressing of choice

    ¼ cup (17 g) chopped fresh parsley, for serving

    1. Heat the oil in a large frying pan over medium-low heat.
    2. While the oil is heating, place the paprika, salt, and pepper in a medium-sized bowl. Stir to blend, then add the pork chops, one at a time, and coat with the paprika mixture.
    3. Cook the coated pork chops for 10 minutes per side, until well seared.
    4. Once the chops have cooked for a total of 20 minutes, transfer them to a clean plate, leaving the cooking oil in the pan. Add the onion and garlic and cook for 5 minutes, or until fragrant.
    5. Add the kale and dressing to the pan and continue to cook for 2 minutes; do not allow the kale to wilt. Remove from the heat.
    6. Cut the pork chops into ½-inch (1.25-cm) slices. If the meat is not cooked through, place the slices in the pan and cook, uncovered, for another 5 minutes, just to cook through.
    7. Divide among 4 dinner plates, sprinkle with the parsley, and enjoy!

    STORE IT: Keep in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days or in the freezer for up to 1 month.

    REHEAT IT: Transfer a single serving to a microwave-safe dish, cover, and microwave for 2½ minutes.

    THAW IT: Place in the fridge and allow to defrost completely, then follow the reheating instructions above.

    make it AIP:

    Do not use ghee, omit the paprika and black pepper, and use a compliant dressing.

    make it COCONUT-FREE:

    Do not use coconut oil.

    make it DAIRY-FREE:

    Do not use ghee.

    make it EGG-FREE:

    Use an egg-free dressing.

    make it NIGHTSHADE-FREE:

    Omit the paprika and use a nightshade-free dressing.

    Per serving, made with coconut oil and homemade creamy Italian dressing:

    calories: 429 | calories from fat: 275 | total fat: 31 g | saturated fat: 13.3 g | cholesterol: 77 mg

    sodium: 432 mg | carbs: 9.7 g | dietary fiber: 3.1 g | net carbs: 6.6 g | sugars: 2.1 g | protein: 28 g

    FAT : 65%
    CARBS : 9%
    PROTEIN : 26%