Simplicity is best.


• 2 large eggs

• About 2.5 stalks chives

• 1-ounce cheddar cheese

• About 2.5 slices Bacon

• Pepper and salt to taste

• 2 large eggs


  1. First of all, please make sure you have all the ingredients available. Quickly grease sides & bottom of Slow Cooker with cooking spray.
  2. Now in a nonstick skillet on medium high fire, cook properly bacon until crisp.
  3. Remove bacon, set aside, & keep warm.
  4. This step is important. Pour bacon fat into slow cooker.
  5. Then in a small bowl, whisk well eggs & season with pepper & salt.
  6. Pour egg mixture into slow cooker & cook properly on high settings for about 1 to 2 hours.
  7. Then place bacon and 1/2 of cheese in middle of egg.
  8. One thing remains to be done now. Fold egg and turnover to cook properly for another 30 to 35 minutes.
  9. Finally to serve, sprinkle chives & remaining cheese and enjoy.

Serves: 1 to 2

Cooking Time: 2 to 3 hours

Preparation Time: 10 to 15 minutes

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Nutrition information:

Calories per serving: 495

Carbohydrates: 10.13g

Protein: 22.02g

Fat: 41.06g

Sugar: 5.13g

Sodium: 591mg

Fiber: 0.7g