Pigs in a Blanket

    Reminiscent of a diner breakfast! All the familiar flavors rolled into one—eggs, sausage, maple, and butter—and cooked quickly in a skillet.

    36 g raw egg, mixed well

    30 g 40% heavy cream

    13.5 g mayonnaise, Hellman’s

    12 g whole milk ricotta cheese

    0.2 g baking powder

    10 g European-style butter

    13 g pork sausage links, Bob Evans Original, cooked

    3–5 drops of maple flavor, Bickford

    Optional: salt, calorie-free sweetener

    After measuring all ingredients on a gram scale, mix the egg, cream, mayonnaise, ricotta, baking powder, maple flavor, and optional ingredients together very well. Melt the butter in an 8- to 10-inch nonstick skillet on medium-low heat. Pour the batter into the skillet and let it spread into a very thin pancake. Cook the batter until the center has started to firm. Carefully flip to cook the other side. Cut the sausage links in half lengthwise and place in the center of the cooked batter. Roll the “blanket” around the sausage links. Scrape all of the remaining fat out of the pan onto the meal.

    CALORIES: 405
    1.9 g CARBS