Pumpkin Microwave Pudding

    This is so quick and easy to throw together on a busy morning. Tastes like warm pumpkin pie filling with a creamy texture similar to ricotta cheese.

    30 g 40% heavy cream

    36 g raw egg, mixed well

    25 g ricotta cheese, whole milk

    12 g walnut oil

    11.7 g European-style butter

    5 g canned pumpkin, unsweetened

    2 g calorie-free sweetener, Truvia™

    0.2 g cinnamon

    Optional: pinch of salt, 3–5 drops of vanilla flavor, Bickford™

    After measuring all ingredients on a gram scale, combine in a microwavable bowl. Heat in 30-second increments, stirring very well after each cycle. Heat the pudding until the temperature reaches 160°F. The eggs will begin to cook around the edges. Stir very well again and serve.

    Notes: There is a very small amount of pumpkin puree in this recipe. For lower ratios, add more pumpkin!

    CALORIES: 406
    2.2 g CARBS