Turkey and Cheese Roll-ups

This is like a turkey sandwich without the bread! The little bit of mustard added to the mayonnaise makes a tasty dip to pack along in a school lunch.

22 g turkey breast, Applegate Farms roasted

14 g cheddar cheese, Organic Valley, Raw Sharp Cheddar

6 g butterhead lettuce

26 g mayonnaise, Hellman’s

3 g yellow mustard

37 g 40% heavy cream

Weigh the turkey, cheese, and lettuce on a gram scale. Roll them up lengthwise and skewer with a fun toothpick if desired. Mix the mayonnaise and mustard together and serve as a dip. Serve the cream as a “milk” drink.

Notes: Ask the deli to slice a ½-inch thick slice of turkey. At home, dice this into small bite-sized squares. Replace the lettuce with diced cucumber and add the cheese cut into the same size for an easy dippable finger food–style meal.