Tuna Salad Boats

    This is a fun twist on serving tuna and cucumbers. The mayonnaise is completely eliminated in favor of heart healthy olive oil. As a special treat, Walden Farms chocolate syrup is used to flavor the cream for chocolate milk.

    70 g cucumber, raw, peeled

    30 g canned tuna fish, Bumblebee chunk light in water, drained

    26 g olive oil

    35 g 40% heavy cream

    5 g Walden Farms chocolate syrup


    Hollow out the center of the peeled cucumbers to create a well. Make sure to weigh the cucumbers again to assure that you have the correct weight after removing the seeds. Measure all of the other ingredients. Blend the tuna and the oil together very well. The tuna will hold all of the oil if it is very well drained and mixed. Fill the hollowed out cucumbers with the tuna mixture and season with the salt and pepper. Mix the chocolate syrup and the cream together, add water to make a milk drink.

    Notes: A melon-baller works very well to remove the cucumber seeds. Use baby cucumbers if you can find them. It helps to make the meal appear larger in volume!