Salmon Salad

Salmon salad is a fresh-tasting combination that can be enjoyed at room temperature. If your ratio allows, add some cheese “chips” to scoop up the salad.

28 g atlantic wild salmon, cooked

10 g green bell peppers, raw, chopped small

8 g tomato, raw, chopped small

7 g yellow bell peppers, raw, chopped small

3 g scallions, green tops only, chopped small

37 g 40% heavy cream

23 g olive oil

Optional: salt/pepper

Measure all ingredients on a gram scale. Break the cooked salmon into small pieces. Add the green and yellow peppers, the scallions, tomatoes, and about half of the olive oil to the salmon. Season with the salt and pepper. Blend the remaining olive oil with the cream and serve as a “milk”-type drink.

Notes: Serve with cheese crackers if your ratio allows. Crackers can be made by sprinkling the cheese into circle shapes, about 1–2 inches in diameter onto a piece of parchment paper. Microwave the cheese on high for about 1 minute. Watch this carefully as it is cooking, and remove from the microwave when the bubbling stops. When the cheese is cool, it should be as crisp as a cracker; if it is still pliable, microwave a few seconds longer. Scrape the remaining fat from the paper onto the chip.

If your ratio allows, vinegar can also be added to create a vinaigrette when mixed with the olive oil.