Chicken Salad Sandwich Wrap

    Just because you cannot have carbs does not mean that you cannot have a sandwich! Egg whites that are beaten stiff then carefully cooked in a nonstick pan make a great substitution for a wrap. This also has the added benefit of adding to the protein of the meal without using any carbohydrate allowance.

    17 g egg whites, whipped into stiff peaks

    15 g chicken breast, cooked, chopped or shredded

    15.5 g mayonnaise, Hellmann’s

    5 g olive oil

    12 g celery, raw, chopped small


    10 g butterhead lettuce

    11 g green olives, bottled

    50 g 40% heavy cream

    50 g almond milk, Blue Diamond, unsweetened vanilla

    Measure all ingredients on a gram scale. Lightly spray a nonstick frying pan with spray oil. With the heat OFF, place the beaten egg whites into the pan and shape it into a flat circle approximately 6–7 inches in diameter and about 1/4–1/2 of an inch thick. Turn the burner on medium-low heat. Cook for about 1 minute until you are able to lift the egg white without it breaking. Flip to cook the other side for about 1 more minute. Set aside on a serving plate to cool.

    Combine the chicken breast, celery, mayonnaise, olive oil, and salt and pepper. Mix well to combine. The more finely you chop or shred the chicken, the better it will hold onto the fat. Place the lettuce leaf on the egg white wrap, and add the chicken salad, making sure to scrape the bowl well and roll into a wrap. Serve with the olives on the side. Mix the cream and the almond milk together and serve as a beverage.

    Notes: This recipe can easily be converted into a tuna salad wrap by replacing the chicken with canned tuna (must be calculated).