Chicken Curry Pattie

    A flavor twist on the chicken nugget! The curry powder is not spicy; it is a great mild, warming spice that may become a new favorite! Make sure that you buy a curry powder that has no added ingredients or fillers.

    25 g macadamia nuts, ground into butter

    17 g canola oil

    15 g chicken breast, cooked, shredded

    10 g egg whites, raw, whipped into stiff peaks

    1 g curry powder

    20 g coconut milk, Thai Kitchen unsweetened, full fat

    Optional: salt/pepper

    Measure all ingredients on a gram scale. Fold the macadamia nuts, walnut oil, chicken, curry powder, and optional seasonings into the egg whites. Spray a nonstick frying pan with spray oil. Make about 3 mounds of the chicken batter and fry on each side for about 1 minute over medium-low heat. When the edges look slightly dry, flip to cook the other side. Continue cooking until cooked all the way through. Remove patties to a serving plate and scrape the remaining fat out of the pan onto the patties. Serve the coconut milk on the side as a dipping sauce or as a beverage.

    Dietitian’s Corner: Coconut milk is a dairy-free milk alternative, making this recipe safe for children with milk allergies.