Teriyaki Salmon Cakes

    There is no need to cook the Swiss chard before eating. Lightly dress it with a splash of vinegar, salt, and pepper. The heat of the salmon cakes will slightly wilt the greens and make them more tender.

    20 g Swiss chard, raw, shredded fine

    21.2 g Wild Atlantic salmon, cooked

    15 g macadamia nuts, ground into butter

    15 g mayonnaise, Hellmann’s

    10 g raw egg, mixed well

    4 g soy sauce, Kikkoman naturally brewed

    3 g sesame oil, refined

    0.1 g kelp granules, sea seasonings

    13 g European-style butter


    Measure all ingredients on a gram scale. Place the shredded Swiss chard on a serving plate. Mix the salmon, macadamia nuts, mayonnaise, egg, soy sauce, sesame oil, and sea kelp together very well. Melt the butter in a nonstick frying pan over medium heat. Drop 3–4 patties of the salmon mixture into the pan and fry until the sides begin to turn slightly brown. Flip to cook the other side, about 1 minute. Cook until the cakes are cooked thoroughly, about 3 minutes total. Remove the cooked salmon cakes from the pan and place on top of the Swiss chard. Scrape all of the remaining fat out of the pan onto the cakes.

    Dietitian’s Corner: Many people with nut allergies will also have an allergy to sesame seeds. In this recipe, you can replace the sesame oil with any other oil such as canola oil.