Chocolate-Dipped “Marshmallow”

    Makes 2 marshmallows

    Marshmallow texture is closely replicated by using dried, powdered egg whites that have been pasteurized making them safe to consume without cooking. The “marshmallow” is not exactly the same texture as a traditional version, but may prove to be a suitable replacement for kids on the keto diet.

    15.9 g coconut oil, melted

    1.3 g hershey’s unsweetened cocoa powder

    2 g calorie-free sweetener, Truvia

    2 g dried egg whites, Deb El, Just Whites

    1 tablespoon cold water

    1.4 g gelatin, Knox unflavored

    1 teaspoon hot tap water

    Optional: 5 Total drops of vanilla and chocolate flavors, Bickford

    Measure all ingredients on a gram scale. Dissolve the gelatin in the hot tap water in a small bowl. Set aside to allow time for the gelatin to soften. Mix the cocoa powder with the coconut oil, 1 g of the Truvia™, and optional chocolate flavoring and pour into two silicone cupcake liners or similar size candy mold. Make sure that all of the chocolate mixture has been scraped out of the mixing bowl. With an electric hand mixer, mix the egg white powder with the 1 tablespoon cold water until a light and fluffy texture is achieved. Blend the remaining 1 g of Truvia™, softened gelatin, and optional vanilla and marshmallow flavorings into the egg whites. Scoop the egg white mixture on top of the chocolate and gently pat it down. Make sure that all of the egg white mixture is scraped out of the mixing bowl. Place into the refrigerator to allow the gelatin to “set” the marshmallow. Gently remove the marshmallow by sliding a silicone scraper along the sides and then by pressing on the bottom to release the chocolate. Place the marshmallow sides together to make a sandwich-style cookie or serve as is. Store in a plastic baggie in the refrigerator until ready to serve.