Carrot Muffins

    A perfect keto treat for the fall. The little cheesecake layer is simply out of this world!

    Serves 9

    For the Cheesecake Layer:

    ¾ cup cream cheese

    1 egg yolk

    2 tbsp. erythritol

    1 tsp. unsweetened vanilla extract

    For the Rest:

    ½ cup almond flour

    2 tbsp. coconut flour

    1 tbsp. ground chia seeds

    ¼ cup Erythritol

    2 tsp. gluten-free baking powder

    1 tsp. each cinnamon, vanilla powder and ground ginger

    ⅛ tsp. each ground allspice and nutmeg

    ½ cup chopped pecans

    5 egg whites

    ⅓ cup virgin coconut oil, melted

    ¾ cup carrots, grated

    20 drops liquid stevia

    Melted coconut oil for greasing



    1. Make the cheesecake layer by mixing together the cream cheese, egg yolk, erythritol and vanilla powder.
    2. In a separate bowl, combine well all dry ingredients (except the pecans).
    3. In a large bowl, place the 4 egg yolks and the egg white left over from the cheesecake layer in a bowl, along with the melted coconut oil and stevia. Mix well, then add the dry mixture slowly while mixing well.
    4. In another bowl, beat 4 egg whites until stiff peaks form.
    5. Gently mix with the batter ¼ of the egg whites. Then, carefully fold in the rest with a spatula. Add the carrot and pecans, trying to keep the batter as airy as possible.
    6. Line a muffin tin with 9 muffin paper cups and spoon in the batter. Top each of them with a heaping tbsp. of the cheesecake mixture. Bake for 30-35 minutes to 320°F. Remove and cool.

    Nutritional Info per Serving

    Calories: 270

    Fat: 26g

    Net Carbs: 3.7g

    Protein: 7g