Keto Pork Stew

    This stew is perfect for when the rain is drizzling down the window outside, and you the family fancies a little pick-me-up.

    Serves 4


    1 lb. pork shoulder, cooked and sliced

    2 tsp. chili powder

    2 tsp. cumin

    1 tsp. garlic, minced

    ½ tsp. salt

    ½ tsp. pepper

    1 tsp. paprika

    1 tsp. oregano

    ¼ tsp. cinnamon

    2 bay leaves

    6 oz. button mushrooms

    ½ jalapeño, sliced

    ½ onion, medium

    ½ sliced green bell pepper

    ½ sliced red bell pepper

    Juice of ½ a lime

    2 cups gelatinous bone broth

    2 cups chicken broth

    ½ cup strong coffee

    ¼ cup tomato paste


    1. Dice the vegetables, and sauté them in a pan lined with olive oil over high heat. Remove from heat when browned.
    2. Chop pork and put into a slow cooker with mushrooms, bone broth, chicken broth and coffee.
    3. Incorporate spices and vegetables as well and mix. Place the lid. Cook for 4-10 hours on low.

    Nutritional Info per Serving

    Calories: 385

    Fat: 29g

    Net Carbs: 6.4g

    Protein: 20g