Garlic Bread with Cheese

    Almost everyone loves garlic bread, especially if it is dripping with cheese! However, adhering to a keto diet means being unable to eat the garlic bread you would normally buy in the shops. Fortunately there is a delicious alternative which is just as easy to make and tastes just as good.


    • ¼ cup almond flour
    • 1 tbsp coconut flour
    • Pinch of salt
    • Pinch of garlic powder
    • ¼ cup warm water
    • 1 tsp coconut sugar
    • 1tsp yeast
    • 3 large egg whites
    • ½ cup grated mozzarella

    1. Start by mixing the almond flour with the coconut flour, salt and garlic powder. Once this is thoroughly mixed up you can put it to one side.
    2. Next in a separate bowl you should mix the warm water with the coconut sugar and yeast. Let this mixture stand for two minutes before mixing both lots together. You will also need to put in two tablespoons of olive oil.
    3. Finally, add the three beaten egg whites and the half a cup of grated mozzarella. You can then pour the mixture onto a baking tray and cook. It should take just fifteen minutes at 400 Fahrenheit.
    4. Whilst you are waiting you will need to merge two tablespoon of butter with a little garlic powder and a pinch of salt. When the bread is ready spread this mixture across the bread and return to the oven for another ten minutes.


    The recipe should cut into ten pieces; each peace will have 175 calories, 2g net carbs, 16 grams of fat and eight grams of protein.